Weekly Recap: Serbisyong Bayanihan Provides Relief to 1,800 Residents Affected by the Pandemic and More

In its continuous response to the COVID-19 crisis, UNTV’s Serbisyong Bayanihan (SB) launched another wave of relief operations in Brgy. Sucad, Apalit, Pampanga. A total of 1,800 residents received relief packs from SB and Bro. Eli Soriano, the overall servant of Members Church of God International, Inc. (MCGI). 

While the pandemic has affected the world, its impact is greater on lower-income families who rely on their daily earnings for sustenance, such as market and street vendors, and jeepney drivers, to name a few. 

Many residents from Brgy. Sucad who rely on their day-to-day jobs have had to to stop working during the pandemic and no longer receive a daily wage. 

Support from local government units has been provided to said families but many have noted that the food packs and financial help from the Social Amelioration Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) could only support them for a few days. 

As the community quarantine continues to hold, many of our fellowmen in different regions are left in need of food and hygiene support. It is for this reason that Kuya Daniel Razon (KDR) and MCGI uphold their advocacy to provide relief operations to those who are in need. 

The relief packs given consist of rice, canned goods, biscuits, hygiene kits, and other necessities that can support a family for at least a week. 

For more information on how Serbisyong Bayanihan can respond and give aid to different communities, contact 0965-603-1559/0915-387-3967 (Globe); 0930-987-3735 (Smart); or 8-396-8688 LOC 31028 for Landline. These hotlines remain open, albeit the program is off-air. 

Requests for Small Business Startups Granted

With the current COVID-19 pandemic leaving people unemployed or out of business, many Filipinos are now looking for ways to earn money and put food on their tables. 

Although SB caters to all needs, it is undeniable that a huge number of the beneficiaries request for capital to start a small business that can be their source of income. For this week’s episodes of the program (September 21-25), SB was able to help the following beneficiaries with regard to their requests for small business startups:

  • Danily Salma Aguilar from Payatas B, Quezon City received the necessary ingredients and utensils to start a banana cue business; while Franklin Esberto from Mexico, Pampanga, and Christian Gonzales from Tondo Manila, already received the fruits for their fruit stores, including relief goods and medicines;
  • For Mylene Maylas and Jessica Servo from Caloocan City, Rogen De Leon and Jison Fabrigar from Quezon City, Edmarie Chavaria Estervillo, and Joy Alvarez from Makati City, SB provided them with the needed equipment, utensils, and ingredients to start a small food business of their choice. Meanwhile, Nimfa Coletorio received the sewing machine and other materials for her sewing business;
  • Other requests include those from Carolina Cruz of Malabon City for a snack store; Leo Vargas of Muntinlupa City who wants to start and vegetable and fish store; Mary Ann Baloloy of Camarines Norte who wishes to have a sari-sari store for her mother; Conchita Amuza of Quezon City, and Leah Rosco of Calamba, Laguna to start a street-food business. 

Aside from the abovementioned recipients of small business startups, school supplies, printers, bond papers, and hygiene kits were also given to Matango National High School in Camarines Norte, in response to the request made by Miss Pia Aragon, a teacher from said school.

On the other hand, medical assistance were also provided to Gloria Curilan of San Pablo, Laguna, who requested help for her son’s colostomy procedure; and Michelle Bautista from Malabon City, and Mary Ann Baloloy from Camarines Norte, received medicines for their sick fathers. 

Learn Effective Job Skills from Sa’Tin ‘To 

As Serbisyong Bayanihan continues to provide useful tips for small business startups, its new segment Sa’Tin ‘To also does not fail to give viewers effective job skills for those who are on the hunt for new jobs. 

This week, Sa’Tin ‘To emphasized the importance of having “people skills” or Personal Effectiveness Skills when it comes to working in a company.

Communicating effectively with people in a friendly way is an essential skills that an employee must possess, especially in business. To improve this skill, Sa’Tin ‘To wants everyone to remember the acronym “C.H.A.P.S.”– which covers charm, humor, appreciation to teammates, praising people when needed, and sharing knowledge and help to colleagues with the best of one’s abilities. 

Moreover, being a “team player comes hand in hand with an employee’s “people skills”. Today, with more job opportunities coming from the corporate world, being a team player is a soft skill that is handy when applying in a company. 

Sa’Tin ‘To likewise included the acronym “C.R.A.F.T.” as a tip on how to be a team player. A team player must now how to collaborate with others. It includes respecting the ideas of others and accepting constructive criticism. Knowing the role well and learning to accept and owning mistakes are also part of being a team player. Moreover, it is important to be flexible at work and to build trust in the team, in order to become a team player. 

Keeping these tips from Sa’Tin ‘To in mind and combining the same with positive attitude towards work can surely help an employee go a long way in the corporate world. Coupled with Kuya Daniel’s daily reminder to always pray to God in everything that we do, anyone can achieve their goals.

As a way of wrapping up the show, KDR also reminded everyone to always look out for each other and help others with the best of one’s abilities, without the need for publicity. Hence, the hotlines of Serbisyong Bayanihan and Digital Clinic ni Kuya, even off-air, are always open for anyone who wishes to seek help regardless of their religion, gender, age, race, or status.#

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