Kuya Daniel Vlogs: Say Goodbye to Dead Batteries with Power Bank Adaptor


In today’s highly connected world where mobile phones and other gadgets are paramount, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that your gadget is running out of battery. For many people, especially the younger generation, a minute offline seems like forever. This scenario is especially true for frequent travelers.

Using your gadgets while commuting for hours can drain their batteries. If you have a power bank, you can charge them without having to plug in electrical outlets. But what if your power bank is also drained and you’re in another country where the plug type is different from your homeland?

Usable in Many Countries

Kuya Daniel Razon, the President and CEO of BMPI and host of Good Morning Kuya, has found a device that relieves your worries of losing power in a foreign land. BMPI stands for Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI), the content creator for UNTV News and Rescue.

In his vlog, the veteran broadcast journalist introduced the handy yet very useful Power Bank Adaptor. Through this device, which is almost as large as Kuya Daniel’s palm, anyone can plug a USB cord in different types of outlets.

“I found an adaptor that has the plugs I need, such as a rounded one (Type C), a 3-pin plug (Type G) and the one used in the Philippines (Type A). It also has USB” Kuya Daniel said in the vernacular while showing the device.

More Than an Adaptor

What’s more, this device also has a 3,000-mAh power bank, which has enough juice to fully charge one smartphone.

Kuya Daniel, a gadget aficionado, also mentioned of a model that has a pocket WiFi transmitter.

He advised the show’s viewers not to forget this device while traveling especially overseas.

The power bank adaptor is priced at SG$20.00.

Written by: Anton Chua