Kuya Daniel Vlogs Handy Multipurpose Screwdriver for Emergencies

When traveling people usually bring tools and repair kits that come in handy during emergencies. Accidents happen anytime. To immediately respond to these events, you need tools. And one of the tools Kuya Daniel Razon often bring with him wherever he goes is a small multipurpose screwdriver.

Looks Like a Pen

This tool, which Kuya Daniel usually puts inside his travel pouch, looks like a ballpoint pen. It contains an attachable flat and Phillips screw. It also has a special tool for tinkering and repairing watches and other portable electronic and mechanical gadgets.

What’s more, it has a spare prepaid micro-SIM card and SIM card remover, which is perfect for texting or calling during times of emergency.

Handy for frequent travelers

Because of its safe design and portability, this small tool is not barred in airports, transportation terminals, and other public places. For frequent travelers like Kuya Daniel, this handy but very useful tool is can be a lifesaver. It pays to be ready whenever emergency repairs and communication is needed.

Kuya Daniel Razon is the President and CEO of Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI). The multi-awarded veteran broadcast journalist hosts the flagship morning show Good Morning Kuya over UNTV.

Written by: Anton Chua