Kuya Daniel Vlog: Cherish Life With Journey App


Every smartphone user has a favorite app to use. Many users social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Others prefer to watch videos using YouTube.

But for frequent travelers, like Kuya Daniel Razon, an app that can record daily snapshots and memorable events is very useful. This is why he made a vlog about Journey, an app that act as a personal journal and diary in smartphones.

A Journal or Diary on Your Smartphone

Journey has many features aimed to document the activities that a person is using in a particular day. You can write the activities, events and notable moments that you want to reminisce. What’s more, you can choose to tag the place where the event took place.

“It has a calendar and an atlas wherein you can log entries that take place within a particular place. This way you can identify the exact locations where you’ve been posting the entries,” Kuya Daniel said in Filipino while he demonstrated the app.

Photo and Video Archive

For photography or videography enthusiasts, you can upload photos or videos that you’ve captured directly from your phone camera or stored in your gallery. As you post them, you can input captions and tag the place where you took the photo.

Forgot when the photo or video was captured by your smartphone? Don’t worry. Journey can retrieve the exact time when the shots are taken as recorded by your phone. Using the atlas, you can also tag where you captured and uploaded the images.

In Sync With Other Devices

Through this app, you can document the important events that took place during your trips. The best thing about this is your entries can be synced with devices running in similar OS. You can also sync your devices to other devices with the same operating system (Android or iOS).

With Journey, you can create a record of the snapshots of memories that are worth keeping and remembering in the coming days or even years.

You can download Journey in your Android or iOS devices.

Written by: Anton Chua