UNTV Radio La Verdad Eyes Wider Coverage, Clearer Signal Reception with New 50,000-watt Transmitter on 5th Year in Broadcast

UNTV Radio La Verdad

UNTV Radio La Verdad eyes farther and wider coverage to better serve the people. (Photo by: Rodel Lumiares, Photoville International)

UNTV Radio La Verdad 1350 kHz has marked its fifth anniversary in broadcast last January this year, aiming for bigger signal and wider coverage with its newly-installed  50,000-watt (50 kilowatts) transmitter.

This will replace UNTV Radio’s obsolete 10,000-watt transmitter, which has been causing reception issues and concerns even in nearby cities.

Kuya Daniel Razon, Chairman and CEO of BMPI-UNTV, recently announced that the new AM radio transmitter is now on test broadcast and is currently being fine-tuned.

We’re currently in the stage where we are fine-tuning everything so that we can transmit the strongest power we can transmit,” Kuya Daniel said. 

Watch out for the full implementation of our new signal on Radio La Verdad 1350,” the veteran broadcaster hinted during one of the December 2016  episodes of his morning show, Good Morning Kuya!

The new facility allows the radio station to broadcast clearly in hundreds of miles and reach out to more Filipinos all over the country.

BMPI relaunched 1350 kHz as UNTV Radio La Verdad on January 16, 2012 after it acquired the management and operations of the radio station formerly called as DZXQ.

Investments are gradually being poured in to enhance the radio station’s broadcast facilities. BMPI already installed a new transmitter antenna, transmitter house, catwalk, generator set and a modern studio facility.

UNTV Radyo La Verdad New Transmitter Tower

The new UNTV Radio La Verdad transmitter antenna in Malabon City stands tall, reaching wider audience with the newly installed 50,000-watt solid-state transmitter currently on test broadcast. (Photo by: UNTV Radio La Verdad)

Home of Public Service Programs

While it strives to serve the public with state-of-the-art broadcast facilities, UNTV Radio La Verdad also ensures that it produces quality and relevant programs.

Unlike the mainstream AM radio program lineup which gist is pure news and entertainment, the heart of Radyo La Verdad’s shows is public service, news and entertainment, and spiritual literacy.

Serbisyong Kasangbahay, Rotary in Action, and Bayanihan, among others, bring samaritans closer to those in need.

Timeless classics through Sa Likod ng Isang Awit are brought back to remember good old days, while A Song of Praise lifts a downhearted.

Bringing Radio Day’s Glory Continues

Shifting to teleradyo format (radio on TV) remains not a priority even if many Philippine AM and FM radio stations have adopted.

I have seen and felt that radio is losing its glory because of the spread of radio on TV, where one sees announcers on booth and at the same time on the television screen,” started Kuya Daniel during the station’s launch five years ago in 2012. “So for me, there are things that I want to keep for radio’s own world.

It will be recalled, Kuya Daniel himself started his media career as a disc jockey for a local FM station.

Taking radio as a brilliant innovation on its own, the veteran broadcast journalist willed to preserve those virtues where listeners’ imagination have leeway and families can gather around their radio sets for their favorite programs.

UNTV Radio La Verdad is also simultaneously streaming its broadcast via //www.radyolaverdad.com/.

Written by Hazel Chavez-David