REPASO 2018: DOH List of Poison Control Centers, Trauma Centers and Referral Centers

REPASO 2018_ DOH List of Poison Control Centers
31 2018 Dec

A poison is defined as anything that can make a person sick or kill him or her. The poisoning can happen if a poison is eaten, drank, breathed in, got on the skin or got in the eyes.

If someone has been potentially exposed to a poison and is awake and alert — even if there are no symptoms of poisoning  — it is best to call the following Department of Health-listed poison control centers nearest your area.

DOH Referral Centers: Poison Control Centers

For ingested poisons due to any firecracker or firework-related chemicals, do not try to make the person throw up. If the person is unconscious, convulsing, having seizures or having trouble breathing, immediately refer to the following Poison ControL Centers:

DOH Referral Centers: Trauma Centers

Meanwhile, here are the Department of Health’s Trauma Centers where patients can obtain counseling after a firecracker-related injury to help him or her recover both physically and mentally.

DOH NCR Referral Centers

On the other hand, listed below the Department of Health-endorsed Referral Centers in the National Capital Region for victims of firework- and firecracker-related injuries or ingestion.

DOH Regional Referral Centers

Listed below are the Department of Health’s Referral Centers for firecracker-induced injuries outside Metro Manila.