Isang Araw Lang Movie Trailer

The story is about Kuya Daniel, a former military officer who turned his back at war and power when he learned about God through the Scriptures. He then faced a humble life as a jeepney driver who only manages to make ends meet. He supports several orphans and willingly helps other people in the community no matter how the situation could be very inconvenient for him.

Popular in his side of town as a man with a big heart, people come to him for help, wise words and consolation. When one of the orphans needed a large sum of money for a bone marrow transplant, Kuya Daniel had an inauspicious encounter with a corrupt politician who wouldn’t think twice about taking advantage of the poor and sick child’s situation.

The movie’s simple yet moving story was very well received and applauded by the audience. In a country where people have already lost its hope for reform and honest governance by its officials, “Isang Araw Lang” appeals to everyone that even common people have the power to effect change no matter how difficult and impossible it may seem. As the film depicts, a steadfast faith and a heart of good intentions can move mountains.

The premiere night of Kuya Daniel’s directorial and acting debut film entitled after his advocacy “Isang Araw Lang” took place on July 19, 2009 at the Meralco Theater, followed by two more screenings on July 26, 2009 at the PICC Plenary Hall. Despite the unkind weather on July 26, the movie was evidently successful due to the swarm of audience that attended all screening times.