Get it Straight with Daniel Razon

It’s commonly-known that the most controversial, relevant issues are buried and not openly discussed before the curious and concerned citizens. The information that the public ought to know is the main feature of Get It Straight with Daniel Razon.

With its unique, candid style programming, Get It Straight attracts key personalities in government and private sectors to sit comfortably in the program’s living room-inspired set and talk with host Daniel Razon about information that the public ought to know.

Kuya Daniel’s uncanny skills to dig the heart of the issue trademark the show as one kind for the audacious as guests don’t leave the sofas without a dose of sweat and a feeling of being in a trial for their lives. Its slogan “Bawal ang Pikon” sends a friendly warning.

No holds barred discussion coupled with humor gives audiences a unique, intelligent show to watch at early morning weekdays, 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

Unique as it is, Get It Straight is not just about discussion but action. While it’s been an avenue for wider access to public information, the show also proves helpful in starting a fruitful private-public partnership that brings forth public service initiatives. Dunong-Gulong, the mobile school project of Kuya Daniel and the Department of Education, is an offspring of one of its episodes. The school-on-wheels is lauded as the country’s first.