Humanitarian Broadcaster Daniel Razon: An Epitome Of A True Public Servant

Kuya Daniel Razon is known for his numerous public service works that’s why he’s been dubbed as “Mr. Public Service.” (Photo by: Mark Santillan, Photoville International)

MANILA, Philippines — For his family, friends, and supporters, it is typical of Kuya Daniel to plan and execute his projects with the end result in mind that is beneficial to others.

That’s why even if it was his special day, he preferred to give rather than to receive a present for his 34th anniversary in public service.

Last Tuesday at Okada Hotel in Parañaque City, Kuya Daniel shared his gift of music by serenading his family and friends in a special concert entitled “Beyond Music and Lyrics”.

The proceeds of the concert will fund Kuya’s future projects, all for the purpose of public service.

As always, Kuya Daniel never fails to touch the hearts of people with the wisdom in his every word, even if it is through a song.

“Of course the feeling is different to see Kuya Daniel serenading our brothers and sisters for the sake of giving services to the public,” said Greg Panganiban, a guest from New Zealand.

“The concert was so joyous. We could not explain the feeling of joy,” he added.
During the concert Kuya Daniel covered hit songs that reflected important milestones in his life.


‘You Decorated My Life’ was so striking because without God, we’re nothing. And on the part of Kuya, the song ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’, he chose to have no sparkle, but at the same time, he was with God who does all things. And we’ve seen all of that with all his advocacies, public services,” said Pebz Buan, a spectator from Australia.

This was what Kuya Daniel shared to his audience that night:

He remembered a turning point in his life, when he was almost at the peak of his career, that has taught him one very important thing.

“Naalala ko yung napanuod kong ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’, ang career mo kahit ano pang carreer yan hindi yan katumbas noong ningning na manggagaling sa Dios. Kaya po talagang sa aking kalooban mananatili na sa tulong at awa ng Panginoon I will say, ‘I would rather lose my job my career than to lose my God and my faith’,” said Kuya Daniel.

(It reminded me, when I saw the film, “Bituing Walang Ningning” (A Star Without a Sparkle), that one’s career can never equal the radiance that comes from God. That is why I remain steadfast inside, with God’s mercy, I will say, ‘I would rather lose my job my career than to lose my God and my faith.”)

“Mga kapatid, pabayaan niyo po akong maging isang Bituing Walang Ningning,” he said.

(Brothers and sisters, let me remain a star without a sparkle.)

But why “Beyond Music and Lyrics”? Kuya Daniel has this to say, “Beyond everything, and that includes music and lyrics, there is something that God can see in our hearts that we may not be able to sing it. We may not be able to put it in letters but he understands what is in our heart and that’s what our prayers are for. Our wishes and dreams in our lives that we want to achieve,” said Kuya Daniel.

Written by
Leslie Longboen | UNTV News and Rescue