Isang Araw Lang: From Local to Global

Last July, the Philippines was hit by the success of Kuya Daniel Razon’s directorial debut film, Isang Araw Lang (Just One Day), which aired at the Meralco Theater and the PICC Plenary Hall on July 19 and 26, respectively. This August, foreign shores best be prepared as the impressive indie storms its way to the West.

The film started as a massive call to people to do good without asking for anything in return. Since then, numbers of community groups, organizations, and individuals that have done charitable acts by the campaign. Now a hit digital film, Isang Araw Lang is scheduled to screen in Dubai, Singapore, and some parts of the US in August, according to Van Abenido, Executive Producer.

Kuya Daniel, director-actor of the campaign turned digi-film, was present in the screening nights and thanked the crowd for the support they have shown. “Thanks to God and to all of you who have supported (the film) Just One Day. I hope you enjoy what we’ll be showing now. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the movie.”

Thousands of moviegoers have reportedly gone to catch the exclusive screening nights. Actors, supporters, and TV personalities were stunned to have seen news anchor and public servant Kuya Daniel pulling a great act in his own film.

Rey PJ Abellana, one of the supporting actors who play as an abusive Congressman, congratulated the director-actor and advised him to “Keep up the good work”. He adds, “I know that there must be a follow-up project to this. It is very successful and very impressive.”

The film has a few action scenes where, the sports-minded public servant confirmed his skills in martial arts as commended by veteran stuntman Robert Miller. Miller plays the character of a leader of a syndicate group.

“Kuya is an excellent actor! That’s a revelation to me. He is great for action-filled movies. My brother doesn’t look like he is nervous!” Claire Fuentes, President of Integrated Metro Bus Operators Association (IMBOA) said.

The movie also received raves from the people working in the film industry. Emy Abuan, President of the Movie Writers Welfare Foundation commends the story. “This movie is really meaningful; it gives a good message that even for one day we can do good deeds. And what is significant here is that every scene has a good value to tell.”

Talent Manager Nene Riego was surprised after learning that Kuya Daniel is a good actor. She said that the movie was also directed well. While columnist Larry Henares Jr. host of Make My Day quoted the film as “Wonderful.”

Meanwhile, the fan blog of Kuya Daniel wrote about the success of the film and quoted some of the bloggers who shared their experiences and film reviews following the film’s screenings.

With such an honest advoacy as its root, a brilliant film like Isang Araw Lang is bound to be successful wherever it may go. (Published on August 6, 2009)

Written by Chris Anne Gonzales