Child Orator
Born in Bulacan on October 11, 1967, Daniel Razon was reared in a close-knit, religious family. Taught to read at an early age, he was already reciting poems and biblical verses at the age of three before the congregation of the Church where his family is member.

During his elementary and high school years, Daniel’s good voice, combined with his charm and exposure to public speaking at a young age, gave him the edge in joining public speaking competitions. He would easily receive the top prizes for the different categories in public speaking he participated in. For speech coach, he had his doting uncle Bro. Eliseo Soriano, who is the presiding minister of the Members Church of God International (MCGI). Daniel’s upbringing was significantly nurtured by his uncle’s constant counseling.

Industrious Student
Amazed by the wonders of the human body, Daniel initially considered taking up medicine and becoming a doctor. However, he heeded Bro. Eli’s prodding for him to study mass communications and broadcasting, so he could be of help to the propagation ministry of the Church.

While his family could financially support him with his studies, Daniel took the long route—he worked to support his college studies and to have some money which he could give to those in need. He even dabbled in taxi driving and in selling fried bananas on sticks.

As a Mass Communications student, he took several opportunities to put into actual practice what he was learning in the classroom. Kuya Daniel had his first taste of television work by directing a talk show on Channel 13 in the Philippines. He was also part of the three-member production team that, in 1983, steered the television broadcast of the highly popular and multi-awarded religious program, Ang Dating Daan, hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano.

A year after the EDSA Revolution of 1986, Daniel finished his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, Major in Broadcasting at the Philippine’s Centro Escolar University.

Dawn of Dr. Clark
After graduating, Daniel started looking for a job in the mass media, while continuing to support himself by vending goods in the market. His perseverance and patience paid off because he got accepted to work as a disc jockey of GV 99.1, an FM station in Angeles City.

But back then, and in the eyes of his superiors, he seemed destined for the big city, with one advising him, saying: “I don’t need you here. You should be in Manila using your talents.”

He followed his station manager’s advice and worked with KYFM of Mabuhay Broadcasting System, the home of oldies but goodies. He later on moved to the Manila Broadcasting Corporation and was tapped for DZRH and DWST, now YESFM, where he became popular as “Dr. Clark” on Philippine airwaves.

TV Landing
Thereafter, he became the Station Manager of the Capitol Broadcasting Company, directing the entire 24 programs of DZME. Then, he got his big break in television. After President Cory Aquino handed over the presidency to her successor in 1992, Kuya Daniel was tapped to hostPandayan ni Mang Pandoy for the People’s Television Network, which the People Power icon had just turned into a government corporation. For six years in PTV 4, Kuya Daniel was a news presenter of the station’s Balita Ala Unawith Luella de Cordova, and host of Dakila Ka, Pinoy, a public affairs program heralding the greatness of Filipinos in various fields and expertise.

Big Leaps to Giants
Network giant ABS-CBN noticed him and gave him an offer. At first hesitant, he realized it was a good offer, so Daniel took it and joined the TV network in 1997. He hosted a regular morning show with DZMM’s Gising, Pilipinas. In this program, he earned the moniker “Kaka”, and became popular in the consciousness of Filipinos who would avidly await his daily morning rouser, “Gising Pilipinas, lahing kayumanggi.” This includes his popularity abroad as the program is a regular of the TFC.

He also anchored such radio staples as DZMM Network News, Pasada Sais TrentaCompanero y CompaneraKung May Relos may RazonUsapang de Campanilla and Razon sa Likod ng mga Balita.

Kuya Daniel’s television portfolio also include his stints hosting Pulso Aksyon Balita and Hoy Gising!. For the Global Filipinos, he became a reassuring and soothing presence in the Kamusta Kabayan program of ABS-CBN International’s The Filipino Channel.

His landmark career in ABS-CBN opened the doors for countless opportunities. Daniel moved to another network giant, GMA 7 in 2003 to join the daily morning newsmagazine program, Unang Hirit. In this station, he frequented some of the network’s news and current affairs programs such as FrontPage and Saksi.

Birth of the Public Service Channel
In 2004, Kuya Daniel captained the launch of UNTV through Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI). As BMPI CEO, the veteran broadcast journalist pioneered the production of quality content and launch of groundbreaking and innovative programs and public service projects.

Some observers expressed misgivings that UNTV’s thrust was a big risk, considering media’s commercial aspects. However, Kuya stood his ground to spearhead a TV channel where even programming is based on the main goal of providing services to the public — daily and entirely for free.

In 2009, Daniel fortifies UNTV’s thrust as the only public service channel in the Philippines.  He launched several more public service projects to help many people.