What is a kuya?

It is a Tagalog word that literally translates to “big brother,” but for most Filipinos, it goes beyond a mere age difference. It is a title that exudes a sense of respect, coupled with an even greater sense of responsibility. For those who know the intended meaning of the term, a real kuya is one who is rich in wisdom and experience, capable of fostering and nurturing. He is strong – though not merely on a physical level – whose decisions and actions are worth emulating.

But not all kuyas start out the same. Some learn to become one while others are simply destined to be one. For someone like Daniel Razon, his being a kuya was an apparent gift that transcended his age.

Daniel was a kuya even at the age of three.

A Strong Foundation
As a toddler, Daniel would take a crowd by the reigns when he would recite poetry for loved ones and strangers alike. Demonstrating a keen sense of public speaking and a penchant for words, Daniel took on a role uncommon for boys his age: as public speaker — coached by doting uncle and legendary leader, Bro. Eli Soriano of the Members Church of God International.

By age nine, Daniel was already assisting in officiating Thanksgiving ceremonies before the brethren in Pampanga. Trained by an award-winning preacher like Bro. Eli, young Daniel memorized biblical verses by heart and was in charge of delivering the first part of religious lessons. That young boy, who was too small to be seen while standing on the pulpit, had leadership qualities that evidently outstood his then small frame.

Growing up, Daniel had dreamt of becoming a doctor. But for the sake of making heard the Truth in the Bible, he nixed his plans of attending medical school and studied to become a broadcaster instead — a move he made without even so much as a flinch. A decision any good leader would have made – prioritizing the most urgent and important needs, while setting aside personal aspirations.

Daniel was the original videographer, director, and video editor of the Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) TV program. With Luz Cruz as researcher, make-up artist, and personal assistant, and Bro. Eli Soriano as host, the group of three went on to start the longest-running religious program on Philippine television history. (Since then, Daniel has trained other individuals for the popular religious program’s production and led the broadcast ministry of Members Church of God International.)

The Charitable Works
Daniel knows that he should lead by example — a trait he learned from Bro. Eli, who does what he preaches and begins working before inviting others to do so. A true leader does not make others perform out of fear, but out of inspiration. Daniel knows that a leader ultimately becomes a role model; a person to look up to and to follow.

And Daniel believes that to be able to convince others to do good, he should be the first to do good.

Enter his many charitable projects.

His many humanitarian projects often showcase Daniel as a main worker — from ideas to extensive planning, to finally the execution of projects — Daniel is present, and always ready to serve.

Good Morning, Kuya!. UNTV 37, the Philippines’ public service station, offers an in-house free medical clinic, law center, job agency, and a transient home — the first of its kind in Philippine history that aims to extend a hand not just to Church members, but to everyone who needs it.

As executive producer, creative director, and host of shows on UNTV 37, Daniel leads a group of individuals with a variety of skills, talents, and responsibilities. He leads the production staff, hosts, as well as volunteer doctors, nurses, and lawyers.