Do More Awards 2013: How to Vote for Kuya Daniel Razon

Kuya Daniel Razon is nominated for Rappler’s Do More Awards 2013 under The Luminary category!

The Luminary

Someone who has gone beyond celebrity status to excel and explore other passions. Amidst the glare of the limelight and the cameras, he or she has elevated the craft into a profession of virtue.

Vote for Kuya Daniel Razon, in these few, simple steps in English and Filipino:

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 1 (FILIPINO): Pumunta sa

1 - Rappler Homepage

STEP 2: Type “Daniel Razon” in the “Search” field on the right.

STEP 2 (FILIPINO): I-type ang “Daniel Razon” sa “Search” na nasa kanan.

2 - Search field

STEP 3: Click the article: Daniel Razon: Service first.

STEP 3 (FILIPINO): I-click po ang article na may titulong: Daniel Razon: Service first.

3 - Click link

STEP 4: After clicking, the link will take you to this article about Kuya Daniel’s Do More nomination.

STEP 4 (FILIPINO): Matapos i-click, makikita ninyo po ang article na ito tungkol sa nominasyon ni Kuya Daniel sa Do More Awards.

4 - Main Article

STEP 5: At the end of the article, double click Kuya Daniel Razon’s icon to vote. A dialog box will appear.

STEP 5 (FILIPINO): Sa dulo ng article na ito, i-double click lang po ang picture o icon ni Kuya Daniel Razon para bumoto. May lalabas po na dialog box na may mga checkbox pagkatapos.

5 - Voting

STEP 6: Choose a social media site to share your vote (e.g. Twitter). A dialog box will appear that will ask you to give access to your account. Click “Authorize app.”

STEP 6 (FILIPINO): Pumili po ng social media site para ibahagi o i-share ang inyong boto sa mga kaibigan at kakilala (Hal. Twitter).

May lalabas po na dialog box na manghihingi ng access sa inyong account. I-click po ang “Authorize app.”

6 - Sharing

STEP 7: Once you have successfully shared your vote, a “check” will appear on the box of the social media site you have chosen.

STEP 7 (FILIPINO): Pagkatapos po ay may makikita po kayong “check” sa checkbox ng social media site na inyong pinili, na katunayan na nai-share ninyo na po ang inyong boto.

5 - Voting

Society needs to know about role models like these, especially, of a Luminary like Kuya Daniel Razon. So vote and share now!

Here is the link: //

Thank you!